Truckload Forecast

The Importance of Truckload Carrier Vetting

Angie Jacobsen: Corporate Trainer


Truckload carriers come in all shapes and sizes, from a one-man show to several hundred trucks in a fleet. So how do you know if the carrier you hire is safe, reliable and fully insured? If you book your own truckload carriers, is someone at your company taking the time to investigate safety scores, review insurance certificates, as well as current authority? All of this takes time and transportation expertise, which is where a freight broker can provide an invaluable service.

Express Logistics understands the importance of ensuring your freight is hauled by legal, reliable and properly insured truckload carriers. For this reason, we have a dedicated Compliance Team who follows strict vetting procedures prior to hiring a truckload carrier.

We follow set guidelines when reviewing carrier authority, carrier insurance, and carrier safety ratings. Here’s a breakdown:

Carrier Authority:

  • Must have an active motor property contract or motor property common authority.

Carrier Insurance:

  • $100,000 minimum cargo liability.
  • $1,000,000 automobile liability and workers’ compensation coverage with policy.
  • Policy date verification directly with the carrier’s insurance agent.

Carrier Safety Rating:

  • Safety rating checks are performed using multiple online tools as well as internal company report of previous carrier interaction.
  • Carriers with an unsatisfactory safety rating will not be hired and carriers with conditional safety ratings will be further investigated prior to engaging in business.

Freight is always at risk while in transit no matter who the carrier or broker may be. However, we at Express Logistics strive to minimize this risk to protect all parties involved by being diligent in our carrier vetting process. Please contact us at to learn more.