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The Importance of Truckload Carrier Vetting


Truckload carriers come in all shapes and sizes, from a one-man show to several hundred trucks in a fleet. So how do you know if the carrier you hire is safe, reliable and fully insured? If you book your own truckload carriers, is someone at your company taking the time to investigate safety scores, review […]

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Understanding Truckload Capacity


Truckload capacity directly affects what you will pay for a truckload move. In the simplest terms, it is the ratio between the number of trucks and the number of loads available in a given region. This ratio determines whether it is a shipper’s market or a carrier’s market. In a shipper’s market, there are more […]

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Optimizing 2017 Shipping


The trucking industry is a crucial component of the US transportation infrastructure. Over 70% of our freight is moved by trucks, with $700 billion spent annually. The transportation industry continues to be measured by economists as an indication of the health of the country as a whole. When trucks are busy, it’s a good sign […]

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Preparing Transportation RFPs


It’s almost transportation bid season. Will you be putting out an RFP? If so, here are five important considerations when preparing your next transportation RFP. 1. Don’t Underestimate Time Required to Conduct an RFP Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes a shipper can make is underestimating the difficulty associated with preparing and conducting a comprehensive […]

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Avoiding Detention Fees


Detention Pay is a fee charged when a truck is held at the pickup or delivery location longer than the allotted time. In the brokerage world, the standard detention time period allowed is two hours for loading and unloading. After two hours of free detention, most carriers start charging this back to the customer. Detention […]

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Low vs. High Diesel Prices and Impact on the Trucking Industry


Over the past year consumers have taken advantage of low fuel prices. In less than two years diesel prices have dropped from $4 per gallon to under $2 per gallon in some areas. Over the last few months there have been several jumps in fuel prices, and according to the Energy Department’s latest Short-Term Energy […]