Cargo Shortage and Damage Claim Form

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  • Claim must be supported by a detailed statement showing how the amount was determined. Include a complete description of lost items, size, color, markings etc.
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  • Note: Claim should be supported by the following documents: original product invoice, photos of the damaged product, and noted consignee copy of DR/POD. Failure to include sufficient documentation may delay conclusion of the claim.
  • Express Logistics will assist in the handling of cargo shortage and damage claims. This will entail Client providing information to Express Logistics for the claim filing to the specified carrier. Express Logistics will not be responsible for any claims that are denied for any reason by the specified carrier. Client agrees to pay the freight, as invoiced, to Express Logistics. If Express Logistics recovers any costs for Client, Express Logistics will issue 100% of the claim amount back to Client. Express Logistics cannot be held responsible for any type of product liability.
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