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LTL: Tips and Tricks

Optimizing Value


No two carriers are the same. I’ve heard this a few times during my journey in this industry and it tends to be true. Each LTL carrier has a certain sweet spot, where they bring value to a specific set of dynamics and this is where they shine the best. This could be based on […]

LTL: Tips and Tricks

Systems Integration


When we look at process improvements it is hard not to look at the technology and solutions we use every day to run our businesses. The avalanche of acronyms we that deal with (ERP, SAP, POS, TMS etc.,) have become so specific to their purpose it is hard to find universal applications anymore. This has […]

LTL: Tips and Tricks

The Art and Value of Partnerships


There are many ways to find value in your freight provider(s), including price, technology and innovation, and performance. One thing that sometimes goes by the wayside is the partnership or effective account management. With any new vendor, especially in freight, there is always a period where everything seems very smooth, a honeymoon period. The true […]

LTL: Tips and Tricks

Freight Management: The Evolution


Over the last 20 years, there have been many changes within the freight industry. From escalating LTL discounts, to the advent of pallet rates and density based pricing, freight and logistics management continues to grow and evolve. This is also visible in how companies staff for freight management and logistic tasks. At one time most […]

LTL: Tips and Tricks

Using (Your) Data to Your Advantage


A good friend and mentor of mine has a saying, “what gets measured, gets done”. What does this mean? If you have metrics that you can measure, you can make corrections, change course, or provide improvement for just about anything that you come across. So, how do you measure your freight? When a company looks […]

LTL: Tips and Tricks

Value of Optimizing Lanes


Often times what plagues a company’s freight spend comes down to this question: Are we using the most cost effective carriers for the lanes we operate in? It’s very easy to select carriers based on relationships, history of use, perceived value, and ease of process. Over the years I have heard several logistics individuals make […]

LTL: Tips and Tricks

Understanding Limits of Liability – Less Than Truckload Freight


What are Limits of Liability? Limits of liability are the maximum liability a carrier will incur during a claim if a shipment is damaged or lost. Each LTL carrier has different limits of liability, and most have different types depending on their rate structure. There may be different limits of liability for certain FAK (Freight […]

LTL: Tips and Tricks

Advantage of the NMFC Code


Some shippers underestimate the value of including an accurate National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) code on the bill of lading (BOL). Why is this? Not all shippers have access to the most current NMFC indexes. Some do not understand the importance of the NMFC code and placing it on the BOL. In other instances, if […]